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We need to know the effects of constipation on our Colon and our Health

We need to know the effects of constipation on our Colon and our Health
Seventy percent or more of the population suffers from constipation. Some believe that the number is even higher, 80-90%. The laxative market now approaches one billion every year. It seems that constipation is a problem that most of us face at one time or another. The use of natural means to eliminate constipation is the subject of this ebook.

We need to know the effects of constipation on our Colon and our Health

I think that in order to be healthy, we must mainly use food and supplements free of additives and food stimulants harmful to the body. We need to eat the right foods and observe how we prepare them to be able to digest and absorb them without creating or leaving residues transformed into toxic materials in our colon.

The first question that a nutritionist or other health professional should ask during your first visit is "How many bowel movements do you have each day or week?"

If you see a doctor, your colon is the last area they talk to you. And it can be an area they never discuss with you.

In his article, The Bowel is an ecosystem, in the Healthy & Natural Journal, April 1997, Majid Ali, M.D., says:

When I returned to medical practice in environmental and nutritional medicine after years of work in pathology, I began to carefully examine the claims of nutritionists, naturopaths and scientific ecologists who claimed that various types of colitis could be reversed with optimal nutrition and ecology approaches. To my surprise, I discovered that these professionals, who are generally dismissed by doctors, were right after all. My patients have responded well to unscientific therapies vehemently rejected by my colleagues in pharmaceutical medicine. "

Without a good bowel movement and good colon function, this will create various illnesses, discomfort in the colon, and illnesses, including constipation.
By focusing on eliminating constipation and preserving colon health, you can take an important step to prevent many ailments and diseases of the body that can shorten your life or make your old years miserable.

As with so many previous medical professionals, I think your colon is so important that any improvement you can make to the health of your colon will help you avoid many unnecessary illnesses and suffering. If you are making one effort to improve your health, it should be to create a clean, healthy colon.

Heart attacks, cancers, senility, pathogenic organisms, etc. cause the majority of deaths in the United States. And all over the world. There are few deaths from natural causes or from old age.

Your colon supplies vitamins and water to all parts of the body. So, when a specific organ has degenerated, it is important to see what role toxins in the colon have played in this degeneration.

If your colon is toxic, the blood may also be toxic. If your colon is toxic, these toxins will gradually reach all parts of your body through blood and lymph fluid. The result is that the body and several affected organs will be less efficient. Over time, this reduced efficiency will cause diseases to the body and lose its good health.

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