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Philippines - The Hub of breast augmentation Breast enlargement Medical tourism

Philippines - The Hub of breast augmentation Breast enlargement Medical tourism
Breast implants, technically called breast augmentation, is a surgical method which improves the scale and shape of a woman's breast with the usage of breast implants (silicone or Saline solution). The process additionally improves the contour and quantity of the breasts after pregnancy. The breast implant consists of silicone gel or saline solution interior a silicon shell. The breast implant is different from silicone oil. Most cosmetic plastic surgeons around the sector do not inject silicone oil into the breasts to improve breast length and quantity.

Philippines - The Hub of breast augmentation

This approach is condemned both domestically and internationally by most surgeons, on the grounds that the results are unpredictable and are compounded by severe headaches along with extrusion, pores, and skin necrosis and infection. Patients should no longer have the funds to be subject to this manner because the chance of unwanted complications is very high and the result they're deforming or unpredictable. Most surgeons use breast implants composed of a material that isn't always toxic, isn't allergenic, isn't always teratogenic and is biocompatible with human tissues and, therefore, they have much less risk of unwanted outcomes and extra predictable effects.

It is one of the most commonplace cosmetic procedures within the world, especially in the United States. It is a simple system with a totally immediate and high-quality result. For this reason, public attention and hobby have targeted on locating very safe breast implant material. Breast augmentation is the simplest manner in the specialty of beauty plastic surgical procedure that is surrounded by way of controversy and review. In the past, particularly inside the late Seventies and early 1980s, many scientific conditions, consisting of breast most cancers and autoimmune diseases, have been mistakenly associated with the use of silicone implants. For this reason, the US Food and Drug Administration. It had regulated the usage of the silicone breast implant for cosmetic breast procedures until currently in mid-2007.

After an intensive clinical research look at that included greater than a thousand ladies with breast augmentation, it observed that the silicone breast implant does now not reason any malignant ailment or breast cancer or any autoimmune disorder. For this reason, the United States FDA. Had approved using silicon implant in beauty breast technique.

There are 2 types of basic breast implants, saline or silicone implants. The implant is composed of an external membrane composed of a silicone case. This case contains saline (fluid) or silicone (cohesive gel) material. It is prudent for each patient to discuss the pros and cons of each type of implant extensively with their surgeon before finalizing their decision.

Doctors are doing breast augmentation procedure under deep sedation with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The procedure can be performed in outpatient surgery or the patient can be admitted or confined for a day or two in a hospital, depending on the surgeon and the patient's preferences. If the procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis or as a hospital procedure, a preoperative laboratory and medical authorization are required. 

The surgical treatment generally takes one to 2 hours. The breast implant can be inserted through an incision in the armpits or breast folds or in the areolar edge. Each choice of the incision site has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of scar tissue and nipple sensation. And among the three incisions, the transaxillary approach has the best scar cosmesis because it is hidden and the nipple sensation is well preserved. But the patient is advised to discuss this problem more thoroughly if scaring is a major concern. After the procedure, there will be mild swelling and bruising that will last from several days to a few weeks and these are only transient changes. The patient should wear a breast bandage for 3 to 6 weeks. This will keep the breast implant in place during the healing process and will also help control the swelling. Sutures are removed after 7-10 days.

Any patient who plans to undergo this procedure will need 10 to 14 days for an initial consultation, laboratory, medical authorization, surgery; monitoring, suture removal, and early recovery. After this patient can travel safely because the wounds are dry and healed.

What you would like to understand about Breast Implants in the Philippines

Commonly known as the 'Boob Job'; Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation / Breast Enhancement / Breast Enlargement Surgery or Breast Implants are the terms used to describe the increase in size and/or the change in the shape of the female breasts. A surgical procedure where silicone or saline implants are inserted behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. With both techniques, the implant is behind the milk ducts in order that future breastfeeding isn't affected.

The silicone implant is by far the most popular option, as it is considered to be more natural compared to saline implants, however, silicone implants require a slightly larger incision. There are different types available depending on the shape and size, the two most common being round and tearable implants.

The decision to have a breast augmentation should be informed and consider the risks and possible side effects. You should even have realistic expectations about the results of breast implant surgery to avoid disappointment. Find out about the procedure, recovery period and possible complications: consult your doctor or surgeon if you are unsure of anything.

What Type of breast implant to choose

Silicone and saline are the two types of breast implants to choose from and there are advantages and disadvantages in each choice. You will make your choice according to the orientation of your surgeon and what best suits your needs.

Philippines - The Hub of breast augmentation

The silicone gel implants are pre-filled before inserting them with a silicone substance, which means that the implants can be used for the shape or size of the breasts. Another great advantage of silicone is that it moves and is also soft and will feel very natural. One type of silicone gel has a textured surface and can limit problems, such as curing.

Philippines - The Hub of breast augmentation

Cohesive gel implants are strong and durable and will feel very natural and full of very thick silicone. If the implants split, they would not leak and maintain their shape and size.

Saline implants can be filled beforehand or filled after placing them in their breast using a value. They are very soft and will give you a natural feeling and are very safe to use. There are several drawbacks to using them since they can break, shrink or bend before other implants.

Philippines - The Hub of breast augmentation

Breast implant surgery is usually a quick procedure and, in most cases, you can go home later, as with all medical procedures in which you can spend the night. The normal duration of the procedure is 1 to 1.5 hours.

Before the procedure begins, your surgeon will agree with you on the location of the cut, taking into account the size and shape, as well as the location of the scars. All located in different places, there are 3 types of cuts that can be used: inframammary fold, periareolar incision, axillary incision.

Additional factors to consider:

1. Recovery time and Risk: After having breast implant surgery, you may be concerned that your breast implants are not natural. This is normal and, for starters, your breasts are likely to be quite tight or stiff. You may also experience changes in the way your breasts feel, with different areas becoming more or less sensitive than before. In most cases, any change in sensation will be temporary, although it can sometimes be permanent. Usually, your breasts will start to look and feel more natural a few months after breast implant surgery, like breast tissue, muscles, and skin stretch to accommodate the implants. For best results, you should follow the advice of your surgeon for further care. Generally, you should attend a series of post-operative appointments so that your surgeon can check on your recovery. After getting breast augmentation surgery, avoid getting your wounds wet for a week, sleeping on your stomach for a month, exercising for four weeks, lifting heavy objects for three or four weeks, driving for at least a week or even who can make an emergency stop without embarrassment. Some surgeons also recommend wearing a tight sports bra 24 hours a day for up to three months after breast surgery.

It is recommended that you take approximately two weeks off after the operation to recover completely. You must be mobile from the first day and return to the full exercise within six weeks. You should keep the incision sites out of direct sunlight for at least one year. Contact your doctor or local surgeon immediately if you experience symptoms that you did not expect or if you feel severe pain. Possible warning signs include severe sinus pain, severe burning sensation in the breast, unusual, unexpected or excessive swelling in or around the breasts, deflated breasts, smell or color your lesions, high temperature (fever) of 38 ° C (100.4 ° F) or more, lumps or pain that worries you.

2. The success rates are extremely high, at 98-99%. Postoperative complications usually focus on the healing process and the feeling/position of the implant, which is why physiotherapy is so essential.

3. Patient reviews: the vast majority of patients are extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and emotional support with the whole process before and after surgery. Often, increasing self-confidence is seen as the biggest positive of the procedure. Before and after photos are available online with patient feedback.

Doctors, Surgeons, and Clinics in the Philippines specialized in Breast Implants

Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Procedure ID: P49-1231

Breast Implants at Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Breast implant procedures are available in hospitals and medical centers in Asia and prices start from the price on request. The hospital and Asian medical centers are located in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, and perform 347 procedures in 31 specialties. It is 16 km from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and was established in 2002 in January.

Created in 2002, the Asian hospital and medical center is the first private tertiary care medical center built in the southern part of the metropolis of Manila.

With more than 230 beds and 700 doctors and medical staff, the hospital has previously partnered with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism in an attempt to promote the Philippines as a destination for medical tourism.

Several areas of care are offered in the hospital, including cardiology, oncology, urology, cosmetics, and dental services.

Makati Medical Center
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Procedure ID: P49-245

Breast implants at the Makati Medical Center

Breast implant procedures are available at Makati Medical Center and prices start from the price on request. Makati Medical Center is located in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines and performs 349 procedures in 31 specialties. It is 5.6 km from the city and was established in 1969 in January.

The Makati Medical Center in Manila was founded in 1969 and is currently operated by Medical Doctors Inc. Formerly known as Makati General Hospital, also known as Makati Med, MMC or MM + C.

With more than 600 beds, this hospital obtained JCI accreditation in 2011 and provides tertiary care to a variety of patients around the world. Considered one of the best hospitals in the Philippines, it specializes in general surgery, cardiology, neuroscience, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology and a variety of plastic surgeries.

Avignon Clinic
Avignon Clinic, 23rd Street, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Avignon Clinic in Metro Manila, Philippines

The Avignon Clinic is a center of excellence in dermatology and aesthetics. Avignon has expert doctors, FDA-approved world-class devices and a passion to trust you to succeed.

Beauty is about comfort. That's why here in Avignon, feeling safe is an absolute priority.

They offer Thermage FLX, Ulthera. Botox and fillers, Emscuplt and other body treatments. Acne management and scar reduction programs are also available.

Medical dermatology to eliminate warts, moles, and hyphae seb is performed by doctors certified by the Philippine Society of Dermatology.

Its branches are in Manila and the Philippines.


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